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Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you.    1 Peter 5:7

"Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you."
                                1 Peter 5:7


As a Vessel of God,


                I am very pleased and honored to witness the ruit of this ministry as it touches lives around the world by way of Radio and Internet technology. They are truly blessings because these modes of communication help facilitate the mass delivery of the Living Word of God to win the lost for Christ. Moreover, and unequivocally, the sound of celebration resonates loudly by Heaven’s inhabitants in the rejoicing of the souls that are reconciled to the Father. To God be the Glory!


                Would you take a moment of your precious time to read some of the prayer requests and praise reports that have been forwarded to us by our co-laborer in the Gospel , Pastor Akram, out of the Land of Pakistan.  Our prayer is that the Spirit of Prayer would be quickened in you so that you may add these individuals to your prayer list in conjunction with us. There is no doubt that God loves it when we stand united as One Body. 1 Corinthians 12:25-26 declares:  “25 that there should be no schism in the body, but that the members should have the same care for one another. 26 And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; or if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it.” NKJV


Here is an email that we received recently from Pastor Akram from Lahore, Pakistan:


Dear Give It All To Jesus Ministries Prayer Team,


Greeting in the holy name of Lord Jesus Christ.  Peace be upon you and your family and church people. Thanks be to God that my wife is feeling better now.  This morning when we were praying together so she got healing power in Jesus name.  she is healed in Jesus name.  Hip pain has gone from her body.


She is so thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for this healing power. she is also so thankful to you for prayer supporting.  


Praise the Lord.    20 people got Holy Spirit.  They are speaking tongues. 


Pray for these families. They want to more prosper and strong in faith. 

They always wants to thankgiving at their homes. 

1.       Pray for brother Zeeshan family.

2.       Pray for brother  Javid family.

3.       Pray for brother  nasir family.

4.       Pray for brother  Iqbal family.

5.       Pray for brother arshad family.

6.       Pray for brother Ashraf family.

7.       Pray for brother Shabaz family.

8.       Pray for brother  Babar family.

9.       Pray for brother Istiaq family.

10.   Pray for brother  raishat family.

11.   Pray for brother shoukat family.

12.   Pray for brother arif family.

13.   Pray for Brother Saleem family.

14.   Pray for  brother Imran family.

15.   Pray for  brother Samuel family.

16.   Pray for  brother arif yousaf family.

17.   Pray for  Waris family.

18.   Pray for Shohail family.

19.   Pray for  Brother asif family.

20.   Pray for Brother Akbar family.

21.   Pray for Brother moses family


Please Pray for  These Pastors for the Spiritual growth of their churches.

These Pastors and Evangelists  belongs to my City Lahore Pakistan.

1.       Pray for Pastor Shahid gill and church

2.       Pray for Pastor  Younis Masih and church

3.       Pray for Pastor  Nadeem and church

4.       Pray for  Pastor Tanveer  and church

5.       Pray for Pastor Javid john and church

6.       Pray for Pastor Praim Denail and church

7.       Pray for Pastor Raishat masih and church

8.       Pray for Pastor Shameem Kasir and church

9.       Pray for Pastor  Nasaar Masih and Church

10.   Pray for Pastor Aslam Aftab and church

11.   Pray for Pastor alvin and Church

12.   Pray for  Pastor taj Shaheen and Church

13.   Pray for Pastor Denail Barkat and Church

14.   Pray for Pastor Sardar masih and Church

15.   Pray for Pastor Roshan masih and church

16.   Pray for Pastor Mustaq masih and Church

17.   Pray for Pastor Samuel Muktar and Church

18.   Pray for Pastor Gulzar masih and Church

19.   Pray for Pastor  Sajad Masih and Church

20.   Pray for Pastor Javid Habib Masih and Church

21.   Pray for Pastor Rasheed masih and Church

22.   Pray for Pastor Asif masih and Church

23.   Pray for  Pastor Peter masih and Church

24.   Pray for Pastor Zaric masih and Church

25.   Pray for Evangelist Samuel and Church

26.   Pray for Evangelist emmanuel  and Church


These pastors and Evangelists Belongs to other cities of Pakistan.

27.    Pray for Pastor kamal and Church

28.   Pray for Pastor  Nazir masih and church

29.   Pray for pastor Mehboob Allam and Church

30.   Pray for Evangelist Kamran masih and Church

31.   Pray for Evangelist Ravi and Church

32.   Pray for  Pastor Farhad masih and Church

33.   Pray for Pastor Edwin and church

34.   Pray for Evangelist Sister Lubna and Church


Please pray for these bussiness mens. They believe in Lord Jesus Christ.

They always sow seed in different churches when God bless them and multiply their bussiness.


They believe in the power of Jesus with faith that  He can multiply their bussiness more.


1.       Pray for brother John who has hair cutting shop and beautipular.

2.       Pray for brother Sanny who has hair club.

3.       Pray for brother  Nasir who has hair cutting shop.

4.       Pray for brother Yaqoob who has Car service station.

5.       Pray for brother  Khuram who is senior Shaff.

6.       Pray for brother Raiz who is also senior Shaff in Lahore continental Hotal.

7.       Pray for Brother amir who has computer shop.

8.       Pray for brother pervaiz masih who has own resturant.


I hope that you will pray for these families, Pastors and evangelist and bussiness mens.


God will performs maricles, signs and wonders in their lives.

God is good all the time. 

God bless you richly.

Love in christ,

Pastor Akram Masih

From Pakistan.



Let's unite and do what the Word of God commands us to do: Pray without ceasing.
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